To The Graduating Class Of 2018

 Hearty congratulations! You must all be overflowing with indescribable joy. All those years of hard work and perseverance finally led to this day.

The dream of a college education brought you to BIT International College, where, you met people who patiently, devotedly and unselfishly mentored and guided you, where you met equally-passionate young people nurturing and chasing dreams. I hope that those meetings led to strong friendships that will sustain you in your journeys ahead and fill your chest box with memories.

The dream of a college education brought forth other dreams: to become an accountant, a licensed criminal justice practitioner or teaching or health professional, a mariner, and a lawyer. Once you hold these prized titles and certificates, you will realize that there are more to dream of. There will always be beginnings and endeavors, challenges and chapters to write. Most certain is the plot of your story twisting in many unimaginable ways. Don’t stop trying; don’t stop learning. There are no failures, only mistakes. Learn from those mistakes. Have the humility to pick up the pieces and then embark on another journey.

Cherish those days of scarcity and hunger, those times when rain fell hard or soothingly soft. How you managed those days are what your BIT IC education was all about. It was not about grumbling over long queues. It was about making do with what you had, and overcoming obstacles. It is about sustenance and transformation, for the better, for others, and for the community. Ask not what BIT IC could have done for you, but for what you could have done for people around you.

Cherish the memories at BIT IC, both good and bad. You can’t relive your life by skipping the awful parts, without losing what made it worthwhile.

We will always be here at BIT IC waiting for you, thinking of you, cheering for you, praying for you on your journeys ahead!

Safe travels.


Especially from the family of BIT IC Founders, Vice-Governor and Atty. Dionisio D. Balite, PhD and Mrs. Lilia A. Balite.